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Uniform Complaint Procedures
Uniform Complaint Procedures
Authorized by California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Sections 4600 – 4671 and BHUSD AR 1312.3

What is a complaint?
A complaint is a written and signed statement alleging a violation of a federal or state law or regulation, which may include an allegation of unlawful discrimination.
What are the responsibilities of the complainant?
The Complainant:
What are the responsibilities of the District?
The District:
What is the District’s procedure for filing a complaint?
Any individual, public agency, or organization alleging a violation of federal or state statutes may file a written complaint with the appropriate Board-designated Compliance Officer. Discrimination complaints must be filed no later than six months from the occurrence or when they are first acknowledged. The District and the CDE must protect the confidentiality of the parties and the facts related to the case.
The District:
      1. The original complaint.
      2. A copy of the District decision.
      3. A summary of the nature and extent of the investigation conducted by the local agency if not covered in the District decision.
      4. A report of any action taken to resolve the complaint.
      5. A copy of the District complaint procedures.
      6. Such other relevant information as the State Superintendent may require
What are the responsibilities of the California Department of Education?
The California Department of Education:
      1. The District fails to act within 60 days or an agreed-upon timeline.
      2. A complainant appeals the District decision.
      3. The Department determines that direct intervention is necessary.
Download our Uniform Complaint Procedures Form

BP 1312 3 Uniform Complaint.pdf

AR 1312 3 Uniform Complaint.pdf
Program Compliance Officers Telephone
Child Nutrition, School Nutrition and Child Care Food Executive Director, Food Services (310) 551-5100, Ext. 2386
Consolidated Categorical Aid: State Programs for Students of Limited English Proficiency (EIA/LEP); Title I and Title III Chief Academic Officer (310) 551-5100, Ext. 2240
Gender Equity Chief Administrative Officer (310) 551-5100, Ext. 2222
Special Education Director of Special Education (310) 551-5100, Ext. 2226
School Safety Plan Chief Administrative Officer (310) 551-5100, Ext. 2222
Nondiscrimination Requirement and Civil Rights Chief Administrative Officer (310) 551-5100, Ext. 2222