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BHUSD Students' Community Walkout » Q&A for Walkout

Q&A for Walkout



Event Details:  


Who is organizing this event? Beverly Hills High School students have organized and planned a community walkout and peaceful demonstration, working with the Beverly Hills Police Department to facilitate all activities to comply with the law and City rules. The walkout will be supervised by BHUSD district administration, staff and parent/guardian volunteers.


What:  BHUSD Students’ Community Walkout to show support for the Beverly Hills High School Campus and Community in response to LA Metro’s harmful proposed route in section 2 of the Purple Line Subway under Beverly Hills High School. Students will be appealing to the federal government regarding their concerns.


Why:  LA Metro is planning to route their Purple Line subway under the heart of BHHS campus.  The reason this is a concern to us is that there are 70-80 abandoned oil wells on the campus full of toxic substances.  Any disturbance of these oil wells can increase deadly methane gas and hydrogen sulfides beneath the school.  If the subway is build following its currently planned trajectory, this could cause toxic exposure to children, teachers, and other members of the Beverly Hills community.  There are alternative routes that are not dangerous to our students. More information can be found on


When: Friday, October 12 at 10:30am


Where: Will Rogers Memorial Park, 9650 Sunset Blvd, Beverly Hills -- located across from The Beverly Hills Hotel.


Who is attending? BHUSD students (3-12), parents/guardians, teachers, administrators, staff, and community members.  Local and national media will be present.


How will students get there? Bus transportation to Will Rogers Memorial Park will be provided from and back to ALL 5 BHUSD schools, Buses will depart from all BHUSD schools at 10:00am and return to school by 1:00pm.

**Students MUST come back to campus after the walkout has been completed.


Why is BHUSD encouraging our grade 3 - 8 students to participate? This is a unique opportunity for our elementary and middle school students to learn how to socially advocate for themselves in a peaceful act of solidarity.  This teachable moment will help students see the connection between curriculum and real life on a subject that will have great impact on their future and for generations to come. Our current 3rd graders will be entering BHHS during continued construction.


What will students be doing?  Students will be gathering at Will Rogers Memorial Park, where there will be grade level appropriate activities and educational opportunities on peaceful social advocacy.  They will also hold signs and listen to speakers.  Students will be organized by school and by grade with supervising teachers, administrators, staff and parents.


Student Participation:


How do I sign up my child to participate?  Permission slips for 3-12 grade students MUST be signed by parent/guardians for students to participate by Wednesday, October 10 at 12pm.


Is it necessary for my child to participate?  Participation is voluntary for all students, staff and parents/guardians. Students who don’t participate will not be penalized and will have alternative learning activities in school.


How do I prepare my child for the Walkout? Students should wear sunscreen, comfortable walking clothes, spirit wear from your school or school colors, a hat for sun protection, and bring a sack lunch.  Water will be provided.


Does my child need to make signs? Signs will be created and supplied by the high school student organizers.  Students are welcome to make their own signs, that respect positive messaging guidelines:  “Save Our School”, “Move Over Metro”, “Health & Safety First”, “Save Our Students”, “Mr. President We Need Your Help”.


Will my child be losing instruction time? Students will not lose valuable classroom learning.  This is a teachable moment that will help students see the connection between curriculum and real life. Students will learn about civics, community activism, and experience the opportunity to unite together to express their views on a subject that will have great impact on their future and for generations to come.


Will my child be interviewed and photographed by the media?  There will be both local and national media presence during this event and your child may be photographed or video recorded. By signing the permission slip, participating students and parents confirm consent to the recording and use of photographs/videotape (newspaper publications, broadcast, including digital and social media), release Beverly Hills Unified School District and acknowledge that there will be no control over the use of images and distribution, and waive all claims for compensation for use, or for damages.


Can I take my 3 - 8 grade student to the event?  Yes, you can take your students directly to the walkout, but MUST follow normal “sign-out” and "sign-in" procedures at your respective school.  Any student who is not “signed-out” and "signed-in" by a parent will be marked as an “unexcused” absence.


Can I pick up my student from the event? No, every student that comes on a bus, must return to campus on a bus. No exceptions. 


**NOTE for High School Students Only: students MUST possess and carry their 2018-19 Student ID during the entire event, MUST leave on bus at 10am from BHHS and return on bus to BHHS after the event, and MUST attend all classes before or after the event.


Parents/Guardian Participation:


Can parents attend the Walkout? YES! Please join us at the gathering place in Will Rogers Memorial Park at 10:30am.  


Can I provide additional support? YES! You can volunteer to supervise on the bus or at the meeting location.  Please contact your school principal by Monday, October 8 if you are interested in assisting.


Non-Participating Students:


If my child does not participate, who will be teaching in the classroom? For all students on campus, the teachers will follow a normal academic program. They may also teach a lesson on social advocacy and peace if it relates to their curriculum.


Safety & Security:


Will there be security guards?  Yes, Beverly Hills High School students are working with the Beverly Hills Police Department to facilitate all activities to comply with the law and City rules. There will be a high visibility BHPD presence  on the site location and Mobile Command Center deployed. The district is also providing several BHUSD officers at Will Rogers Memorial Park and the 5 schools.  There will also be school counselors on site, as well as a First Aid station.


Who will be supervising participating students?  There will be teachers, administrators, staff and parent volunteers with students at all times.





Who is paying for these Walkout expenses?   All expenses will be funded by private donors.


Will there be restrooms?

There are restrooms at Will Rogers Park.  5 additional portable potties will be brought on site to prepare for large numbers of attendees.