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COVID-19 Communication - March 14, 2020

Dear BHUSD Community, 


Thank you for your support over the last 48 hours. Our teachers, parents, staff and students have jumped on board with great attitudes and I am so proud of our school community. We are now officially physically shut down. Home Learning begins on Tuesday, March 24. 


Many of our teachers and administrators across the District met in small groups and online in Google Hangouts to plan Home Learning yesterday. Imaginations are running wild with new, innovative ways to bring instruction to all students. This is truly a time for our District motto to ring true - Education Reimagined! 


I sincerely hope that you will all take Spring Break to recharge, rest and recuperate. You will not hear from the District Office, staff or administration until Monday, March 23 unless there is an urgent message that must be communicated. Teachers will begin communicating with students and parents regarding Home Learning on Tuesday, March 24. 


Don’t forget that all of our COVID-19 communications and information, including new pages such as Safe Practices and Helpful Tips (eg. What is Social Distancing? How to get wifi access if you don’t have it) can be found at


Take care,

Dr. Bregy



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