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COVID-19 Communication - April 10, 2020

4/10/2020 - Beverly Hills Unified School District Board of Education Unanimously Approves Memorandum of Understanding with Beverly Hills Education Association for Home Learning During COVID-19 Physical Shutdown. 

BHUSD Reaches Agreement with BHEA Bargaining Team

Today the Beverly Hills Unified School District Board of Education voted unanimously (5-0) to approve the new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Beverly Hills Education Association for the further implementation of Home Learning during the COVID-19 Physical Shutdown.

“We have found ourselves in a historic moment to address an unprecedented situation uncovering issues which must be solved together with our union partners,” said Superintendent, Dr. Bregy. 

As part of its oversight of BHUSD, the Board of Education approved the MOU, underscoring the need for the community to, “be magnanimous and devote significant time and understanding to everyone involved to help stabilize the District’s ability to deliver instruction during this global crisis,” Board President, Isabel Hacker, said. 

“On behalf of the Board of Education, I offer our thanks to BHUSD, Superintendent, Dr. Bregy, the Cabinet, the BHEA Bargaining Team and BHEA members for working collaboratively on this mutually beneficial agreement,” Board President Isabel Hacker continued. “We have come together, agreeing on clear expectations that put our students first. We know our children need us to all work together to provide solidarity and strength as we continue to stand with our students, teachers, families and community.”

“Our teachers are the foundation of our mission to provide a safe and supportive community in delivering a rigorous and enriching quality education for every child,” Board President Isabel Hacker concluded. “I believe that the MOU we approved today goes a long way to provide a fair way forward and we give our deepest thanks to the entire BHUSD community for their ongoing support in these uncertain times.”