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School 2020 Fall Options

Monday, June 22nd, 2020

Dear BHUSD Community,

As the country assesses the best way to return to school in the fall BHUSD is proactively working with two critical committees 1. Instruction - Education Experts and 2. Think Tank - Community Experts. These are listed here

The Department of Public Health is publishing further restrictions we must follow including social distancing and following strict protocols for example mask-wearing when we return. These protocols are evolving and changing by the day. We must follow this mandate. We have collected your feedback from the fall survey and are intentionally waiting to survey our staff because we need to first have a solid understanding of where you as parents are at in your decision making about returning to school. 

After the BHUSD Study Session on June 17th, we will be able to offer two options for the fall of 2020 due to restrictions set forth from the Department of Public Health:

Option 1: The ILC (Independent Learning Center) - admission closes July 15th, one semester minimum commitment. We strongly encourage you to consider this option. Click here to learn more -

Option 2: Hybrid Learning - All students are automatically placed in this option unless they apply for the ILC. Click here to learn more -

These options are contingent on direction from the Department of Public Health. 

You must already be enrolled in BHUSD to participate in these options. If you are not already, please go to to enroll. 

A friendly reminder that if you decide not to return to BHUSD to please notify Maria Fernandez by emailing

Please remember, admissions for the ILC close on July 15th. 

Stay safe,

Dr. Bregy