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Option 2: Hybrid Learning

Hybrid Learning
All students are automatically placed in this option unless they apply for the ILC.
Hybrid Learning Cohort Schedule

COHORT A: Week 1 - Learning at School | Week 2 - Learning at Home

COHORT B: Week 1 - Learning at Home | Week 2 - Learning at School

FRIDAY: Cleaning | Independent Learning | PD for Staff

SATURDAY: Cleaning

SUNDAY: Cleaning

All students will be able to access in-person instruction at our physical schools through a hybrid model. This means every other week only half of the student population will be on campus at a time. 

Students will be divided into two cohorts (cohort A and cohort B). The weeks that your student's cohort is not on campus, your student will be responsible for engaging with the classroom instruction through their iPad or laptop. 

School will physically take place Monday through Thursday while Friday will be at home independent work time, to allow for the campuses to be thoroughly cleaned. 

The cohorts will be dictated by the Aeries primary residential address. Therefore students who live together will be in the same cohort. 

During at home and on non-campus weeks, live instruction will be delivered via an app on the ViewSonic at school called myViewboard and Google Meets which will work through iPads or laptops at home. Social-Emotional Learning will also be addressed through a variety of resources. The extensive technology support provided in Home Learning last year will continue for all students, parents, and staff. 

Staggered eating times, enrichment, specialist and elective plans, screen time, and mental health supports are all areas that are presently being worked on. Please keep in mind this is an evolving plan. 

Communication leading up to school reopening will detail the safety measures undertaken by each school, including personal protective equipment (PPE) for students, teachers, and staff, cleaning and sanitization protocols, physical distancing measures, and mental health and well-being supports. We will outline processes for parent and guardian visits, pickup, and drop-off. Additionally, we will inform parents about the importance of symptom onset and keeping students home when sick.

If you do not apply for The ILC (Independent Learning Center) Option 1 - - your student will automatically be placed in the Hybrid Option detailed above.