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Reopening Teams

Reopening Teams


District Administration:

Michael Bregy - Superintendent of Schools

Wade Roach - Assistant Superintendent, Business Services

Dustin Seemann - Assistant Superintendent, Education Services

Laura Chism - Assistant Superintendent, Student Services

Matt Horvath - Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources

David Damico - Executive Director of Technology

Rebecca Starkins - Director of Public Relations

Tim Ellis - District Director of Athletics/JPA

Scott Lovelace - Director of School Safety

Ken Haas - Executive Director of Construction and Facilities 


School Principals:

Mark Mead - Beverly Hills High School

Kevin Allen - Beverly Vista Middle School

Sarah Kaber - Hawthorne Elementary School

Craig Bugbee - Horace Mann Elementary School


Options Committee: Instructional Focus 



Annette Goldstein - HM (Early)

Joanna Smith - HAW (Intermediate) & Union

Jaime Tintor - BVMS & ASB

Katina Vallens - BVMS & Performance based

Gretchen Gabreski - BVMS (i4Coach)

Julie Goler - BHHS

Elaina Reilly - BHHS


Dustin Seemann - Assistant Superintendent of Education Services

Sarah Kaber - Principal HAW

Craig Bugbee - Principal HM

Kevin Allen - Principal BVMS

Mark Mead - Principal BHHS


Return 2 Learn Think Tank:

Medical & Healthcare | Mental Health | Social Emotional Health | Occupational Safety | Prevention Efforts & Workplace Controls | Facility Mgt & COVID-19 Outbreak 


Kathleen Blanco - Employee and Parent - Counselor & Disaster Mental Health Counseling Credential
Jocelyn Bresnick - Employee - Teacher
Frank Chechel - Parent - 20 years of insurance and actuarial experience (risk management) 
Lynn Egerman - Grandparent - M.D. , Psychiatrist
Steve Galen - Parent - Practicing Physician and Prior Chief of Staff at Cedars
Lee Hilborne - Community Member, Health & Safety Commissioner and Graduate - Physician, pathologist (lab diagnostics)
Stephen Hinden - Parent - Lawyer - Runs a worker’s compensation law firm focused on the injured worker (COVID-19 Liability) 
David Hollander - Parent - Physician who now works full-time heading up Research and Development in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Galina Inzhakova - Parent - Public health professional currently working in the health research and evaluation department at Kaiser Permanente. Degree in epidemiology and has experience with infectious disease control measures.
Melody Levian Zarabi - Parent - Clinical psychologist
Doris Nourmand - Parent - Emergency Physician
Rick Porso- Parent - Director of the Office of Environmental Health and Safety prior to joining the private sector working for a large international company. Experience includes overseeing the state school health and safety programs as well as epidemiology and outbreak response and prevention.
Aaron Reitman - Parent - Neonatologist 
Joshua Reitzenstein - Employee - Lead of the Counseling Enriched Classroom at BVMS and Masters Degree in Educational Leadership and Change
Andrea Rosenfeld - Parent - School Psychologist
Pam Shinault - Community Member - Disaster service worker and serve in the City of Beverly Hills Emergency Operations Center
Shahriar Yaghoubi - Parent - PhD in Pharmacology from UCLA and two postdoctoral fellowships from Stanford University