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Reopening Academic Plan/Schedule

What will the schedule be when we return to physical school?

All students returning to the physical classroom will be in a Hybrid Model as opposed to full-time in-person instruction. This is per the Health Order from LACDPH and their strict 6 feet physical distance requirement preventing all students from returning to the classroom at the same time.


LIVE@BHUSD Elementary students will transition back to physical school 5 days a week for instruction in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. They will attend physical school with a classroom teacher for 2 hours and 20 minutes in-person Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Each Wednesday, students will be in-person for 1 hour and 30 minutes. The remainder of the day (Monday-Friday) is independent learning with once a week virtual instruction from Physical Education, Art, MakerSpace, Vocal Music, and Science Lab teachers.

BHUSD will release the information on whether your student is in the “AM” or “PM” schedules with the virtual schedule for Physical Education, Art, MakerSpace, Vocal Music, and Science Lab when we are closer to transiting into the hybrid model. We have decided to provide 5 days of in-person instruction that is 100% focused rather than a Zoom/live stream model where the teacher’s attention would be divided. Our youngest learners especially need this full-time attention.
Elementary Hybrid Academic Schedule

Middle and High School:

LIVE@BHUSD 6th through 12th-grade students will transition back to physical school two days a week in either Cohort A (purple), attending physical school on Monday & Tuesday, or Cohort B (blue), attending physical school on Thursday & Friday. Both cohorts will be virtual on Wednesdays to allow for equitable instruction and deep cleaning due to the larger amount of students moving between classrooms.

The classroom instruction will be live-streamed to the cohort at home. Students in the cohort not on campus (at home) will be expected to log into the instruction via Zoom while the teacher delivers the lesson. When instruction is not occurring, students in the cohort not on campus (at home) may log off ONLY with teacher permission. Teachers can then deliver labs, assessments, and individual support for the students in the physical classroom.

  • Cohorts labeled as “A” and “B.”
    • Cohort A (purple): 
      • Monday & Tuesday students are in-person
      • Thursday & Friday students are streaming virtually into their classes
    • Cohort B (blue): 
      • Monday & Tuesday students are streaming virtually into their classes
      • Thursday & Friday students are in-person
    • Virtual Day: Wednesday students are all virtual

What will the calendar be for the next three years?

Please click here to view the calendars for the next three years. The calendar is very complex and multifaceted and there are specific reasons as to why there is a different look and feel each year.  

The calendar has both requirements and restrictions based on whether the yearly holidays fall on weekends or weekdays. Additionally, the following must be accounted for:

  • 180 days of student instruction and attendance
  • 3 teacher Professional Development days
  • 3 staff Service Days 
  • Final Exams (BHHS and BVMS) must be before winter break
  • Balancing the number of instructional days during the first semester with the second semester - keeping in mind that CAASPP and AP testing occur in April/May
  • Graduation Ceremonies