FAQ 2021-2022

Where can I view the current Los Angeles County Department of Health (LACDPH) Health Order for schools?


Where can I view the BHUSD full Ready Together Plan for 2021-2022?

Visit bhusd.org/readytogether/ 


Who needs to test weekly?

  • All unvaccinated students. 
  • Randomly selected vaccinated students.


To ensure that your child’s attendance and educational continuity is seamless please review and complete the form using the links below at your earliest convenience. 


Can my vaccinated child test weekly too?

Sure! Please sign up using the links below! 


How do I register/where is the consent form?

BHUSD Staff - doctornow-patient.precisemdx.com/BHUSDStaff


BHHS Students - doctornow-patient.precisemdx.com/BHHS

BVMS Students - doctornow-patient.precisemdx.com/BVMS

HAW Students - doctornow-patient.precisemdx.com/Hawthorne

HM Students - doctornow-patient.precisemdx.com/HoraceMann


When will testing start?

The policy states that testing starts on Friday, October 15th. 


What is the testing schedule?

The tentative schedule is as follows during the school day:

Monday - BVMS 

Tuesday - BVMS (Period 7) & HAW

Wednesday - BHHS

Thursday - HM & District Office (Staff and Absentee Make-up Tests)


What type of test is it?

RT-PCR test using a self-administered swab of the anterior nares. This is a shallow nasal swab of the part of the nasal cavity.   


What if my child is absent for the day their school has testing?

Absent students will be required to test the next day they are going to school before school at the District Office. 


Can my student test outside of school?

No, per the testing policy they must test within BHUSD. This is to ensure that no photoshopped/fraudulent test results are used and also to help with contact tracing in the event of an outbreak. 


I would like to have a saliva testing option, can I?
The PCR tests are nasal tests and they are by far the most accurate test. We have tested thousands of students using the shallow nasal swab without a problem however, should you have serious concerns about your child receiving a shallow nasal swab there is a saliva option available. This option is not recommended due to the requirement that no food or liquid is consumed 1 hour prior to taking the test or we risk the lab rejecting the sample and decreased accuracy or generating an indeterminate test result. If you wish to request this saliva option despite these considerations please email covid@bhusd.org with your child’s name, school, grade, and commitment to communicating that they may not consume any food or liquid 1 hour prior to taking the test. 




I would like to opt-out of my student testing, how do I do that?

If you elect for your student not to participate in the testing program they will be considered to be in quarantine from attending in-person learning. Subsequently, you have two options. 1. Join the Independent Study Program. 2. Listen to and watch class from home through Zoom. To request one of these options instead of testing please email covid@bhusd.org with your selection.

Please do not contact your school site with questions or concerns about testing, they will only redirect you to the district office COVID-19 team. 


My student is in Independent Study, do they need to test?

If they are coming on campus for any reason for more than 15 minutes to participate in a school activity, they will need to test first. 


My student is already testing for athletics, do they need to test twice a week now?

No, we will fold the athletic testing program into this program, no need for double testing! 


My student is already testing for an outside-of-school activity, do they need to test twice?

No, we will make the results from our BHUSD testing available to you so that you can use them for any other activity! 


Do I need to give consent and make an appointment each time as I do for the Rapid Antigen Testing? 

You will only need to give consent once at the beginning and you will not need to make appointments each week. 


Which company is conducting the PCR testing?

DoctorNow (https://www.doctornow.net/home). 


What happens if a parent / staff member refuses to provide insurance, or if uninsured, refuses to provide social security or identification information or has none of the above?

Insurance information is necessary for DoctorNow to seek reimbursement from the insurance companies. There is no cost to the insured nor will there be a co-pay charged to the insured. DoctorNow will collect only what is reimbursed by insurance. Testing participants will not be billed by DoctorNow. 


For anyone who doesn't have insurance, DoctorNow will need a social security number  or government-issued identification like driver’s license or ID card. This information allows for DoctorNow to seek reimbursement from the federal government. If you do not have any of the above, please contact your school site.


If you decline to include insurance information, you will not be able to complete and submit your registration for BHUSD testing. BHUSD is providing no cost testing on site as both a convenience to families and staff and a way to keep our students and staff safer with no cost to anyone.


Note that many companies supporting school districts follow the same reimbursement procedures. 


How can I be sure my insurance company won’t charge me for testing or raise my rates? 

The State of California Department of Managed Health Care issued a directive for continued coverage of COVID-19 diagnostic testing, based on federal guidance. Information can be found in this memo. This testing does include testing done on school sites. Testing is available at no cost to all students and staff through our program. A couple of things to note in that regard: 


  • If your insurance company tells you otherwise (email and or regular mail), forward the information to covid@bhusd.org. The district and DoctorNow (https://www.doctornow.net/home) will intervene. 
  • If you are inadvertently sent a bill or demand to pay, the district and DoctorNow will intervene. 


For your comfort, the district is also committed and ready to reimburse any family if they are charged to pay for the district COVID-19 Testing. Note that this is a gesture to provide peace of mind that you will not be charged. However, we believe with certainty that you will not have to pay for the cost of testing with the district. 


Are you sure I won’t get a bill? 

Testing participants may receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from their respective insurance provider related to the COVID-19 testing. EOBs are NOT BILLS. DoctorNow will not bill any of the testing participants for its services. DoctorNow only collects what is reimbursed by the insurance provider.   


Who is conducting the testing on students and staff?

For this weekly testing, students and staff will self-administer nasal swab tests in the presence of trained staff. The test is designed to be self-administered by even our youngest students. It is quick and easy with no more than the length of the cotton portion on a standard size Q-tip-style swab that is inserted in the nose. Although it is a simple test, trained staff is available to assist the students with a hand-over-hand technique.


May parents attend the testing of their student?

No, this will be done on campus during the school day. School site staff will be on hand for elementary student testing. Middle school and high school students may test with some classes or may be asked to report to the testing location independently. 


When will the test results be available?

There is a 24-48 hour turnaround time for the results. 


Who will maintain our testing samples?

We immediately take the sample back to the lab and discard the sample within 48-hours after running the test

What will happen with all the data that contains my DNA once the information is used and results are given? 
Samples are discarded within 48-hours after running the test
How accurate is the test? Where may I access that information? 
We utilize an RT-PCR test (via a shallow nasal swab) that is processed on our Roche COBAS lab instrument. No lab instrument is perfect, but the Roche COBAS is one of the premier machines on the market. You can read more about it here: https://diagnostics.roche.com/us/en/article-listing/COVID-19-testing-what-you-need-to-know-about-test-accuracy.html
Do we have a choice as to which type of test we may take for weekly testing? 
Yes, you can pick lower nasal self swab or saliva.  We recommend the nasal swab because no drink or food should be eaten within an hour. And it can be challenging for some younger children to create enough saliva to fill a vial to the appropriate level.

I have a question, who can I ask?

If you need help with getting registered please email info@mydoctornow.net

If you have a different question please email covid@bhusd.org. Please do not contact your school site with questions or concerns about testing, they will only redirect you to the district office COVID-19 team.


What is Modified Quarantine (MQ)?

By choosing MQ you have been notified by your COVID site administrator that your student qualifies and you are agreeing to the following. If you are not comfortable with this and opt for a regular quarantine you can communicate this to your COVID site administrator at the time you are offered it. 

  • The exposure took place in a school setting, supervised by school staff.
  • The exposed student AND the person with a COVID-19 diagnosis BOTH wore a mask consistently and correctly during the entire exposure period. This includes any outdoor exposures. This was verified and approved by the site COVID Admin.
  • They must test twice weekly during MQ (dates will be provided).
  • They will have a visual identifier (eg. sticker/wristband) to notify staff of MQ status.
  • They can only participate in regular school curriculum/instruction provided during school hours. No after hours sports or activities.
  • They must wear a mask at all times, indoors and outdoors.
  • They must eat and drink 6 feet away from other students.


Will school shut down? What is the threshold?

The LACDPH and CDPH (California Department of Public Health) removed the language around closing schools. It used to be 25% of the schools in the district caused a district closure and 3 epidemiologically linked cases closed a school. They have both removed this language and we are instructed to work with the LACDPH on a case by case basis. They will make this determination if and when they deem it necessary.


Where can I get vaccinated?

Visit myturn.ca.gov and find your closest location for a free vaccine!


Where can I access my vaccination status/proof of vaccination?

Visit myvaccinerecord.cdph.ca.gov.

Should I come to school if I am sick?



What is the Exposure Protocol?

See Exposure Protocol in the menu.

Do we need to wear masks inside?

Per LACDPH, masks indoors are required at all times for everyone (staff, students, visitors, etc) regardless of vaccination status.

Do we need to wear masks outside?

Per LACDPH, masks outdoors are optional at this time. Per LACDPH, masks indoors are required at all times for everyone regardless of vaccination status unless you are on a Modified Quarantine.


What is the COVID-19 testing plan?

See testing page in the menu.

What is the plan for inevitable travel before the start of school & on major holiday breaks?

See testing page in the menu.

What travel rules are there for students and staff?

See testing page in the menu.


What are the close contact quarantine rules?

To be a “close contact” you have been within 6 feet for more than 15 cumulative minutes (in 24 hours) of someone who has COVID-19. 


For more information please see the Exposure Protocols for Close Contacts page in the menu.


How do you conduct contact tracing?
We perform contact tracing with the Department of Public Health. To do this we speak with teachers, staff, and the case carrier to thoroughly examine who was at risk 48 hours prior to symptom onset or positive test, including weekends, lunch, recess, during class, and after school.


Will students/staff need a negative COVID-19 test before returning to school?
If a student has traveled outside California 10 days prior to school starting they are required to get a BHUSD COVID-19 test (see below). Per LACDPH, if a student is out for quarantine due to a COVID-19 close contact exposure and they are unvaccinated they must test negative after day 5 to return early after day 7 rather than the full 10 day quarantine.

Do staff/students/visitors need to do health screenings?

Yes. Per LACDPH, health screenings for everyone are recommended but not required at this time. In an effort to keep our schools as safe as possible, BHUSD will be continuing health screenings for all staff, students and visitors. Staff and students can complete this using ParentSquare and Visitors can visit bhusd.org/healthscreening/. To learn more about how to complete your screening visit bhusd.org/healthscreening/

What happens if my child does not pass the health screening or exhibits symptoms throughout the school day?

They will need to test. See testing page. Pending their result and the discontinuation of symptoms, they will be able to return to school in accordance with the LACDPH Exposure Management Plan. 

Will BHUSD still take student temperatures prior to admittance?
Yes, all students and visitors will be required to walk through the thermal scanners or have their temperature taken using the handheld infrared thermometer upon entering school. Staff are able to take their temperatures prior to coming to school using their district provided thermometers or one they have at home. 

Will eating take place indoors?

To the greatest extent possible, eating will take place outdoors. Increased physical distance will be recommended per LACDPH. Elementary students will eat with their classroom groups. 

Can we use water fountains? 

Yes, per LACDPH water fountains have been reinstated, we encourage everyone to bring a water bottle from home if they are more comfortable. 

Will PE be indoors? 

No, to the greatest extent possible PE will be outdoors, if it is inside masking will be required, if outdoors masking is optional.

Will each teacher have seating plans in their classroom?

Yes, due to the close contact rules (within 6ft for more than 15 cumulative minutes within 24 hours) we need to be able to quickly identify students who may be impacted and begin contract tracing. 

Will cleaning procedures differ at all from last year? 

Per LACDPH COVID-19 routine cleaning is recommended at a frequency no less than once per day during periods of operation but may be done more frequently. 

Will masks be required for sports/performances?

If indoors, yes. 

Are there extra best practices for performances?

Yes, per LACDPH click here

Will COVID-19 vaccinations be required?

Not at this time, we will follow all LACDPH protocols. 

Is school going to be full day?

Yes! The only exception is Independent Study. Schedules are available by clicking here.

What are the drop off/pick up gates?

BHHS - 1. Moreno/Durant 2. Student Parking Lot

BVMS - 1. Elm Drive 2. Charleville/Rexford

HAW - Click Here

HM - Click Here

For more information about these questions please reference the Ready Together plan at bhusd.org/readytogether/.