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FAQ 2021-2022

Where can I view the current Los Angeles County Department of Health (LACDPH) Health Order for schools? 

Where can I view the BHUSD full Ready Together Plan for 2021-2022?



Will school shut down? What is the threshold?

The LACDPH and CDPH (California Department of Public Health) removed the language around closing schools. It used to be 25% of the schools in the district caused a district closure and 3 epidemiologically linked cases closed a school. They have both removed this language and we are instructed to work with the LACDPH on a case by case basis. They will make this determination if and when they deem it necessary.


Where can I get vaccinated?

Visit and find your closest location for a free vaccine!


Where can I access my vaccination status/proof of vaccination?


Should I come to school if I am sick?



What is the Exposure Protocol?

See Exposure Protocol in the menu.

Do we need to wear masks inside?

Per LACDPH, masks indoors are required at all times for everyone (staff, students, visitors, etc) regardless of vaccination status.

Do we need to wear masks outside?

Per LACDPH, masks outdoors are optional at this time. Per LACDPH, masks indoors are required at all times for everyone regardless of vaccination status. 


What is the COVID-19 testing plan?

See testing page in the menu.

What is the plan for inevitable travel before the start of school & on major holiday breaks?

See testing page in the menu.

What travel rules are there for students and staff?

See testing page in the menu.


What are the close contact quarantine rules?

To be a “close contact” you have been within 6 feet for more than 15 cumulative minutes (in 24 hours) of someone who has COVID-19. 


Asymptomatic Vaccinated = If you provide vaccination proof to your school administration you don’t need to quarantine but LACDPH recommends you test. 


Not Vaccinated = Quarantine for 10 days from the day of last exposure, or a negative test after day 5 and you can return after day 7.


Asymptomatic & had COVID-19 in the last 90 days = If you provide proof of having had COVID-19 within the last 90 days you don’t need to quarantine but LACDPH recommends you test. 


How do you conduct contact tracing?
We perform contact tracing with the Department of Public Health. To do this we speak with teachers, staff, and the case carrier to thoroughly examine who was at risk 48 hours prior to symptom onset or positive test, including weekends, lunch, recess, during class, and after school.


Will students/staff need a negative COVID-19 test before returning to school?
If a student has traveled outside California 10 days prior to school starting they are required to get a BHUSD COVID-19 test (see below). Per LACDPH, if a student is out for quarantine due to a COVID-19 close contact exposure and they are unvaccinated they must test negative after day 5 to return early after day 7 rather than the full 10 day quarantine.

Do staff/students/visitors need to do health screenings?

Yes. Per LACDPH, health screenings for everyone are recommended but not required at this time. In an effort to keep our schools as safe as possible, BHUSD will be continuing health screenings for all staff, students and visitors. Staff and students can complete this using ParentSquare and Visitors can visit To learn more about how to complete your screening visit

What happens if my child does not pass the health screening or exhibits symptoms throughout the school day?

They will need to test. See testing page. Pending their result and the discontinuation of symptoms, they will be able to return to school in accordance with the LACDPH Exposure Management Plan. 

Will BHUSD still take student temperatures prior to admittance?
Yes, all students and visitors will be required to walk through the thermal scanners or have their temperature taken using the handheld infrared thermometer upon entering school. Staff are able to take their temperatures prior to coming to school using their district provided thermometers or one they have at home. 

Will eating take place indoors?

To the greatest extent possible, eating will take place outdoors. Increased physical distance will be recommended per LACDPH. Elementary students will eat with their classroom groups. 

Can we use water fountains? 

Yes, per LACDPH water fountains have been reinstated, we encourage everyone to bring a water bottle from home if they are more comfortable. 

Will PE be indoors? 

No, to the greatest extent possible PE will be outdoors, if it is inside masking will be required, if outdoors masking is optional.

Will each teacher have seating plans in their classroom?

Yes, due to the close contact rules (within 6ft for more than 15 cumulative minutes within 24 hours) we need to be able to quickly identify students who may be impacted and begin contract tracing. 

Will cleaning procedures differ at all from last year? 

Per LACDPH COVID-19 routine cleaning is recommended at a frequency no less than once per day during periods of operation but may be done more frequently. 

Will masks be required for sports/performances?

If indoors, yes. 

Are there extra best practices for performances?

Yes, per LACDPH click here

Will COVID-19 vaccinations be required?

Not at this time, we will follow all LACDPH protocols. 

Is school going to be full day?

Yes! The only exception is Independent Study. Schedules are available by clicking here.

What are the drop off/pick up gates?

BHHS - 1. Moreno/Durant 2. Student Parking Lot

BVMS - 1. Elm Drive 2. Charleville/Rexford

HAW - Click Here

HM - Click Here

For more information about these questions please reference the Ready Together plan at