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Bernadette Lucas
Director of Technology

The Educational Technology department is committed to advancing best instructional practices and promoting student academic success through the use of technology. We want to help teachers use a variety of technologies to meet students’ diverse needs.  Indeed nothing is harder in teaching than meeting the divergent needs of all students.  Technology is a key tool for differentiating instruction.  We want to help teachers use and adapt technology resources to make subject matter more accessible to all students. To differentiate, we need to plan for it.  There are so many rich technologies that allow teachers to chart developmentally appropriate activities for students.  We also want to help our teachers use available technologies to assist in assessment, analysis, and communication of learning.

Teachers and students have access to some of the latest in audio-visual equipment, LCD projection systems, internet-based resources, and instruction-based interactive tools. To address the needs of our diverse student population, on-going professional development for our teachers and individualized support remain our highest priority.

To learn more about our instructional standards, district-wide goals, internet safe guards, and some of the tools being used in the district’s classrooms, see the websites below: