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PTA Council Monthly News

  PTA Council - PTA Executive Board Communication:  

One of the best practices that PTA Council would like to adopt is to be in touch with all of you more often.  Look out for our monthly "PTA Council Executive Board Member Tips" and "PTA National and State Tips," and please feel free to be in touch.  To ensure a great year for all of you wonderful volunteers, we thought that we'd pass along some tips for having the best EBs possible! 

Tip #2 - A Great Executive Board Culture! 

One way to ensure a productive and enjoyable school year in our volunteer work, is for each of us to be doing what we do as part of a positive climate.  Each of us can help contribute to establishing a positive leadership climate by remembering a few things:   

- having confidence in each other's knowledge and abilities
- believing we can count on each other....and do
- holding one another to high performance standards
- listening to each other's ideas and opinions courteously
- making a point to publicly recognize and appreciate other member's significant contributions
- members know they can give honest feedback to each other and presidents


 Rose Kaiserman and Lorraine Eastman
PTA Council Co-Presidents