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Comprehensive Google Mail Transition FAQ

Overall statement of resources and support

Our goal for the transition from Outlook to Google mail is to provide as much support and as many resources as possible. Toward this end, please access Google Learning Center (Gmail) Link and/or Switching to Gmail from Microsoft Outlook 2013 (PDF). These resources are being shared to empower our colleagues with information. Please know that our i4Coaches and IT Specialists stand ready to support you through this transition. Please do not hesitate to reach out to them if you need any assistance.

  • When will we officially transition to Google Mail?

The District will officially transition to Google Mail effective on January 21, 2019.  Staff Outlook accounts will be migrated over to Google between December 20, 2019 and January 19, 2019. The migration will be staggered during this time period. District IT will notify staff members close to the date that your mailbox will be moved.

  • I understood that the transition to Gmail was happening over the summer. What happened?

The timeline for transition to Gmail has been impacted by the failure of our existing email server. While BHUSD has hosted our own email for some time, it is clear with this recent hardware failure that the transition to the new Gmail system is necessary. Please bear with us through this process, and know that your campus i4Coaches and IT Specialists stand ready to support you through this transition.

  • When do I notify senders that .org will no longer be my email address?  

Staff email addresses are not changing.  This point is critical. The technology Department is setting our email address up so that .org will continue to be your Google Mail address effective January 2019.  

  • I need to import my folders, contacts, and calendars.  How can I do this and when will it happen?

All folders, address book contacts, and calendar items will be migrated to your Google account. Please refer to the following document for what will be supported as part of the migration.

  • What about all of our saved emails? Will there be an import of those as well?

All emails will be migrated to your Google account, with some exceptions. Please refer to the following document for what will be supported as part of the migration.

  • Is it possible to make my school Gmail account work like the Outlook program I’ve been using?

While it is not possible to continue using the Outlook software to check the district’s Gmail accounts, these new accounts can be personalized to look and function in a more familiar way. Here is a helpful video taking you through the process of customizing your Gmail account to look and function more like Outlook.

Furthermore, Google provides additional guides on switching from Microsoft Outlook here.

  • Prior to this transfer and inability to use the .org account will all the copiers be changed over to send scans to our .com account?

Copier “Scan to Email” functionality will remain unchanged.

  • Messages sent to us via Jupiter are automatically forwarded to our .org accounts. Will this be changed so that they’re sent now to our .com accounts? I know that Jupiter is going away eventually, but we’re still using it now.

We are working to ensure Jupiter messages will forward to to the proper domain. This transition should be seamless and no messages should be lost. We will keep you posted as this process is defined.

  • How to set up your account on your iOS or Android device?
Please refer to this document for instructions on setting up your personal device.