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Reporting Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect

In the school setting, Teachers, Administrators, Coaches, Walk-on Coaches, Classified Personnel, Instructional Aides or Assistants, Pre-school teachers, and school district police or security are Mandated Reporters. (P.C. 11165.5; P.C. 11166(i)).
A mandated reporter must…
  • Have reasonable suspicion
  • Call the child abuse hotline as soon as possible
  • File a written report within 36 hours (P. C.11166)
IMPORTANT: Telling another employee about the suspected abuse does not fulfill your obligation as a mandated reporter. You may choose to file a report as a team, but both parties should make the call and mail the report to assure that a report was indeed filed.
Ask For Help
If you need any assistance making a report or have questions about a specific case, please ask for assistance from a school site administrator or call Director, Student Services and Special Projects. (310) 551-5100 ext. 2387.
Informing Parents
Mandated reporters should NOT inform parents of suspected child abuse as it could interfere with the investigation process.
How to Report Suspected Abuse
  • If you suspect the child is in eminent danger, call 911!
  • If you suspect the child is in danger of abuse, call Beverly Hills Police at 310-550-4951 (non-emergency). 
  • If you suspect abuse or neglect, call: Department of Child & Family Services (DCFS) Hotline 1-800-540-4000
  • Write the report number provided by person taking report on the side margin of the form
  • Document date/time/name of person taking report when you make the call
  • Click the link at the bottom of this page to complete DCFS follow up online form. 
  • Print and retain a copy of the form for your own personal records as documentation that a report was filed.
  • Give a copy to your supervisor.
  • Send legible copy to :
BHUSD District Office
Attention: Laura Chism
Assistant Supintendent, Student Services
Mark envelope “Confidential” --- You may mark over your personal identity on the copy of the form you provide to the district office.
District office copies are used to compile an annually required district-wide summary report.