Enrollment Information

Welcome ALL new families to the Beverly Hills Unified School District!


Enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year is now open!


Enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year starts the THIRD week of February 2022.



Grade-Level Placement

It is recognized that students do their best work in school when they are placed in a grade with other students of the same chronological age. The following link provides BHUSD guidelines for placing students at the appropriate grade level. 

Grade Placement Chart 2021-2022

Assigned Neighborhood Schools


To determine which school is your school of residence, click here for the School Finder.

Please note, if your school of residence is at capacity in the grade level you’re registering for, then your student can be placed at the school that has space available. We have two elementary schools (TK-5th), Horace Mann Elementary and Hawthorne Elementary, one middle school (6th-8th), Beverly Vista Middle School, and one high school (9th-12th), Beverly Hills High School.

Step 1: Online Pre-Enrollment

To register a new or returning student, you must have a valid address within the Beverly Hills Unified School District attendance area OR qualify for an Interdistrict transfer permit by being currently employed by the City of Beverly Hills or the Beverly Hills Unified School District. Verification of residence or employment will be required after you complete the Online Pre-Enrollment step. 

Online Pre-Enrollment Portal for New & Returning Students 

**Once the online pre-enrollment is completed, please proceed to Step 2 of the enrollment process. Please note that the online pre-enrollment does not determine your placement at the school. Enrollment will be finalized after Step 3 is completed.

Step 2: Gather the enrollment documents

Below is a list of documents you will need to enroll in the Beverly Hills Unified School District. Please make sure you have all the documents at the time of enrollment. 

P.O. Box addresses are NOT accepted. Disconnection utility notices are NOT accepted.

Proof of Residency 5 CCR 432; EC 234.7, 48204.1, BP 5111.1

Primary Residents: 
  1. A copy of the L.A. County Property Tax Bill, or a Mortgage Statement, or a copy of the Current Lease/Rental Agreement listing all the occupants, including but not limited to all school-aged children residing in the property or Grant Deed in the legal guardian’s name showing residence property address. NOTE: if you are on a month-to-month lease/rental agreement, you will also need to provide the most current month’s rental receipt or canceled check.
  2. A current Southern California Edison (SoCal Edison) bill or verification of electrical service connection reflecting name and address at the location provided in the online pre-enrollment. In the event proof of the SoCal Edison bill cannot be presented, residents must provide three of the additional forms of residency. 
  3. Two additional forms of residency verification reflecting name and address at the location provided in the online pre-enrollment: a) current gas bill or verification of gas service connection, b) current cable/telephone bill, c) current income tax documents (IRS, state, and/or county), d) current water or verification of water service connection, e) current waste management bill, f) current payroll stub, g) current social services documents, h) current correspondence from federal/state/county government agencies, i) L.A. Registrar of Voters, j) current bank statement/credit card statement, k) car registration, etc.  Financial information may be blacked out. We only need to see the residency property address with the name of the parent/legal guardian. 



If a parent/guardian and a student are sharing a residence with another individual or family, they must provide items #1-3 (in the parent/guardian’s name or the name of the primary resident) and complete and notarize the Co-Residency Verification Affidavit. 

NOTE: In the event a utility service connection is used as proof of residency, then a utility bill must be provided within 45 days to assure continued enrollment. The District will not solicit or collect information or documents regarding the citizenship or immigration status of students or their family members for the purpose of determining residency within the District. 

Immunization Requirements

Click the link below for an explanation of the student health requirements for school entry including immunization records TK/ KG-12 Grades:

Immunization Requirements TK/KG-12 Grades

All Transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten and 1st grade students must have completed a physical examination and an oral assessment no more than six months prior to entering transitional kindergarten, kindergarten and/or 1st grade.


Download, complete and sign the enrollment forms below

Other important documents to submit

  1. Student’s birth certificate or passport 
  2. Parent’s identification (driver’s license, passport)
  3. Academic transcript or report card from previous school. Prior school records will be requested by the school site. 
  4. Student IEP/504 documents, if applicable
  5. GATE letter from previous district, if applicable
  6. ELPAC/CELDT language test documentation, if applicable
  7. If there is shared custody between parents, the legal custody agreement must be provided.

Step 3: Submit the required documents

You can submit the required documents in three different formats:

  1. Upload the required documents to the online enrollment application (STRONGLY RECOMMEDED), OR
  2. Email them to enrollment@bhusd.org, OR
  3. Drop them off in the red mailbox located in our main building at 255 S. Lasky Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90212. 
  4. Due to COVID-19 preventive measures, IN-PERSON appointments HAVE BEEN CANCELLED. You can book a telephone appointment using the link below. 

To confirm receipt of your online enrollment application, please email Maria Fernandez at enrollment@bhusd.org. Include the Student's name, grade level, and school site in the subject line of your email.

Questions regarding enrollment for TK - 8th? Book your telephone appointment here!