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Beverly Hills High School Students Receive Exemplary AP Test Scores for 2016-2017 School Year

The AP program allows high school students to complete college-level course work to prepare them for greater academic success. AP exams are graded on a scale of 1 to 5, with most colleges and universities accepting scores of 3 or higher for credit, advanced placement, or both.

In the subjects of French Language and Culture, Spanish Language and Culture, World History, and Studio Art: Drawing Portfolio, one-hundred percent of BHHS students tested received scores of 3 or higher.

In the subject of Biology, ninety-seven percent of BHHS students tested received scores of 3 or higher. In the subjects of Calculus BC and Comparative Government and Politics, ninety-five percent of students tested scored a 3 or higher.

“These scores are a testament to the hard work and dedication from our whole staff to ensure our students are exposed to and succeed at university-level work,” said Dustin Seemann, Beverly Hills Unified School District Assistant Superintendent of Education Services, “We must continue to develop our students’ talents in honors and AP to provide them with cost savings, more options post-secondary, and success once they graduate from our system.”

Of the total number of 1,006 AP exams taken by Beverly Hills High School students this past school year, twenty-four percent received scores of 5, twenty-seven percent received scores of 4, and thirty-one percent received scores of 3.

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