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Cafeteria Food Taste Test A Hit With Parents at Beverly Hills High School Back to School Night

In the midst of parents rushing to make their way from class to class at BHHS Back to School Night this year, a whiff of something new in the air.  Mandarin Orange Chicken with Steamed Brown Rice.  Director of Food Services Heather Oyamo smiles as parents slow and stop at her Campus Cuisine food cart.
"Would you like to try some?" she asks, "This is one of the kids' favorites!"
Maybe Italian food is more your stye?  Oyamo's got you covered there too.
"Try the baked ziti!" she says, handing small cups filled with steaming pasta to a young couple, "It's extra cheesy - kids don't even realize they're eating whole grain noodles!"
When it comes to feeding Beverly Hills High School's hungry students each day, Oyamo acknowledges that times have changed - and so have school lunches.  The meals at BHHS are 100% whole grain rich and contain less than 30% fat and less than 10% saturated fat. They contain zero grams of trans fat, and meet 1/3 of the recommended daily allowances for vitamin a, vitamin C, iron, calcium, protein and calories.
"It's absolutely delicious!" exclaims parent Amy Nol, who along with husband Vic have a 9th grade daughter and 12th grade son attending BHHS.
The couple scoops into their cups of Lorraine's Baked Cheese Ziti - an original recipe from the high school's food service chef, and another favorite among students.
Next to Oyamo's cart, Food Service Office Assistant Domonique Alexander pours small cups of brightly colored slushies.
"This flavor's new," she says, blending half a cup of peach/mango with half a cup of strawberry, "They taste great mixed together!"
Despite their decadent appearance and delicious flavor, the slushies are made with 100% fruit juice and contain no added sugars.
Oyamo's motto: good nutrition and learning go hand in hand. The Food Services department supports learning by promoting healthy habits for lifelong nutrition and fitness practices. BHUSD is proud to provide students with access to a variety of affordable and appealing foods that meet their health and nutrition needs.
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