Where and when do I drop off my child?

BHUSD Safe Schools Website

We hope you saw our email launching our new website - bhusdsafeschools.com. If you are an elementary parent there is a FAQ at the bottom of this page. 

Here is some information about the website and what it does!

The fully interactive BHUSD Safe Schools Website bhusdsafeschools.com is custom-built for each and every grade at Horace Mann, Hawthorne and Beverly Vista Middle School. This critical communication tool is mobile responsive and uniquely designed for the parent user experience.

Opening with a video from Superintendent Dr. Bregy, the website includes an interactive guide to navigating school drop-off and traffic in Beverly Hills. In collaboration with The City of Beverly HillsBeverly Hills Police Department and Beverly Hills Fire Department, we have developed a system to support a safe, manageable way to make drop off less stressful. The website encompasses circulation drop off maps, pedestrian routes, helpful tips and tricks and new signs the community may see around each school site. It is designed specifically so you can be confident about how to get to school each day as smoothly as possible.

We are encouraging students to get to school early and beat the traffic with new incentives including a brand-new breakfast offering, earlier library hours and extended playground opening times.

Another new feature of the traffic mitigation plan is that every school will have 3 entrances, 2 for students only and 1 for adults. The student entrances are only open during drop off and pick up times. Every adult entrance is the school front office as indicated by the yellow star on the maps. This feature assists traffic flow by having multiple drop off locations and maintains security for every student as all adults must be processed by security officers using the Raptor system. Raptor screens every adult entering the premises flagging and prohibiting any problematic or dangerous visitors from gaining access. BHUSD is one of the few districts across the nation to station this system outside the premises of each school rather than inside the front office where security is already breached. This system along with district security, armed security (another rarity for public schools), increased crossing guards and the roll-out of security cameras district-wide, all ensure students are kept as safe as possible.

Additionally, we have implemented a staggered drop off schedule outlined on the overview page and detailed for each parent on their relevant school and grade level pages. This reduces the rush of cars congregating at the same time.

Finally, you can look forward to seeing Principals and Assistant Principals curbside each morning, welcoming students and assisting traffic with continuously moving through the drop off lanes.

Visit bhusdsafeschools.com for more information. See you on Monday!


Elementary Specific FAQ:

What if I have children needing to be dropped at two different gates?

Please choose a gate with your children that you will both pick up and drop them off at. The other child will then walk to their dedicated gate. For pick up, please have the same system using the same gate you chose. (The student will exit from their designated gate and walk to meet their sibling at the other gate)

Which gate do I pick up at?

The same gate you dropped off at please.

How does pick up work?

1st, 2nd & 3rd grade: You do not need to exit your car, we will call your child as you reach the front of the car line but you can also park and walk up to collect your child.

4th & 5th grade: These students are dismissed to leave on their own and either walk home or find their parent.