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Permit Application Process

Permit Process
A. Procedures for Filing Permits

1. To be considered for a permit in the district, the student must obtain written consent from the district of residence and provide a copy of that written consent prior to the annual selection process.
2. A district permit application together with the written consent must be filed at the Child Welfare and Attendance Office of the district.
3. In granting permits, priority shall be given to students who qualify for permits under Reason 1 as described in Section A of this regulation (Please see Permit Policies and Procedures).
4. An accurate count of all in-coming and out-going permits will be maintained and kept on file at all times in the Child Welfare and Attendance Office.
5. It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide the necessary documentation in order to demonstrate eligibility for permits.
Permit Application Forms:  PLEASE NOTE: the only new in-coming permits that our Board of Education is approving are for Government Employees of the City of Beverly Hills or employees of the Beverly Hills Unified School District.