PBIS pyramidWhat is Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)?


  PBIS is a research-based, school-wide systems approach to improve school climate and create safer and more effective schools.  PBIS IS a process.  PBIS IS NOT a program or a curriculum. The process focuses on improving a school’s ability to teach expectations and support positive behavior for all students. PBIS provides systems for schools to design, implement, and evaluate effective school-wide, classroom, non-classroom, and student-specific discipline plans.  PBIS is a team-based process for data review, data-based problem solving and intervention, ongoing planning, and monitoring of interventions. PBIS implementation includes school-wide procedures and processes intended for: ALL students, ALL staff and in ALL settings. This includes individual classrooms and teachers AND non-classroom settings and related staff.  Steps involved in setting up school-wide PBIS after initial training:  Identify school team to guide and direct the process. This team should be made up of an administrator, grade level representatives, student services staff, non-classroom staff and parents.   Establish 3-5 positively stated school-wide behavioral expectations. Establish a way to collect office referral and other data on a regular basis to evaluate the effectiveness of school-wide PBIS efforts. 


How Does It Work?

A PBIS school teaches the expectations to all students and provides frequent opportunity to practice.

A PBIS school provides a consistent, predictable, and fair use of consequences for all students.

What Can Parents Do

Read and discuss the Behavior Expectations Matrix

Check your student’s planner/homework assignments each night

Review the Behavior Expectation Matrix with your child if he or she experiences behavior problems in school

Work on a plan to help them with strategies for appropriate behaviors

Support teacher and administrative behavior decisions

Discuss problems privately with staff

Ask about Parent Teacher Association and other volunteer opportunities at the school


School PBIS Values
HAW matrix

Give Me Five, Horace Mann Huskies!


Horace Mann









Be Safe


-calm body

-stay to the right


-stay seated

-eat in the eating area ONLY


-use equipment properly

-stay  in supervised area

-keep your body to yourself

-have permission to go






-use materials appropriately

Be Respectful

-use a quiet voice

-keep your body and hands to yourself

-use please

and thank you

-take turns

-use kind words

-give others privacy

-quiet voice

-calm body

-wait your turn to speak

-be an active listener

-be a person with integrity


Be Responsible

-keep your body to yourself

-stay in line

-take ownership of your words and actions

-clean up

-eat your lunch

-take ownership of your words and actions



-follow game rules

-get help when needed

-return equipment

-take ownership of your words and actions


-flush toilet

-keep space clean

-wash hands


-clean up

-follow directions

-take ownership of your words and actions

Be an Upstander

-use kind words

-be a good role model

-share space with everyone

-invite and welcome people to play

-be a good friend


-keep my school and community clean

-give others privacy



-support and celebrate all peers’ learning experiences




- allow your enthusiasm to get you to where you need to go

-focus on food and friendship

-win with humility, lose with grace, and do both with dignity!

-return to classroom quickly and quietly


-be patient

-it’s okay to not know the answer YET


BVMS matrix
PBIS HS poster






Getting up in the morning

Getting ready for home learning

Clean up time

Time to relax




Getting ready for bed



Help Out










Own Your Behavior










Manners Count