Section 504


The Beverly Hills Unified School District places great emphasis on hiring well-qualified professional staff and places trust in its employees to advance the District’s educational mission. When a concern arises about a particular situation, it is desirable whenever possible to address the concern by approaching the responsible individual, discussing the concern, and trying to find a remedy without requiring formal administrative review.

Each school site in the District has an administrator assigned as the School Site 504 Coordinator. Parents with questions or concerns about Section 504 should contact the site Coordinator at their child’s school.


 504 School Site Coordinators:

School Site

504 Contact



Beverly Hills High School

Phil Chang, Assistant Principal

[email protected]

(310) 551-5100 Ext. 8345

Beverly Vista Middle School

Joseph Little, Assistant Principal

[email protected]

(310) 551-5100 Ext. 3004

Hawthorne Elementary

Kevin Painter, Assistant Principal

[email protected]

(310) 551-5100 Ext. 6291

Horace Mann Elementary

Molly Hwang, Assistant Principal

[email protected]

(310) 551-5100 Ext. 7101

If issues are not resolved, parents should contact Dr. Benjamin Wardrop, Director of Student Services at (310) 551-5100 ext. 2356 or [email protected]