Condemnation of Racism, Xenophobia, and Intolerance against Asian Americans

Dear BHUSD Community,

Last week a culmination of hate, inflamed by the weaponization of the pandemic origins, saw eight people murdered in Georgia, among them were six Asian American women. Hate crimes against the Asian American community have increased exponentially across America and the world. We condemn all forms of hate crimes and rhetoric. We support our Asian Families here in BHUSD and the wider Asian American community. Our hearts break knowing the burden of fear you live with and we are sorry if BHUSD has ever been a place you have not felt safe or welcome.

At BHUSD, we are striving to foster a culture that is actively anti-racism. As we are reopening our schools, there is a harsh reality we are not willing to ignore. It is horrifying when reflecting on the place our country is in, between the mass murder of predominately Asian women last week, the cries of our Black community in response to needless murder and hate, the unspeakable acts of anti-Semitism right here in Beverly Hills. There are numerous other racist acts of hate, too often delicately and unknowingly woven into a throwaway joke or disparaging accent. It’s time for us to make this clear, we have said it before and we will continue to say it, there is no space for racism in BHUSD.

Returning to physical school can create anxiety, about the pandemic, making friends, finding classrooms, and where to sit at lunch. We MUST NOT allow fear of racist behavior to be added to this list. We could share a paragraph here about our Strategic Plan, our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and although that is important, what is more important to us, is that we commit to you in no uncertain terms that racism is not welcome in our schools.

I ask you to join us in standing against this behavior in any and all ways. If you hear something in the hallway, football field, playground, or classroom, even outside our premises, on Beverly Drive, at the mall, or in your homes, we are asking you to stand up, to step up, and to speak up. If you experience racism you can come to us, personally. Each of our doors, as the leaders of this District, is open to you. This subject is not a joke, it’s dangerous.

Every community member in BHUSD has a responsibility to educate one another with respect and care, responding to racism with more hate will not grow our knowledge or understanding. With that said, no one is born racist, this is a learned behavior and as educators, we have a responsibility to set the example.

You are welcome at BHUSD, no matter your background, your race, your gender identity, the language you speak, your sexual orientation, or your religious beliefs. We denounce any and all acts that contradict this. It is of the utmost importance that we come together and make our schools as safe as they can be for everyone.

Dr. Michael Bregy, Superintendent
Wade Roach, Assistant Superintendent, Business Services
Dustin Seemann, Assistant Superintendent, Education Services
Laura Chism, Assistant Superintendent, Student Services
Dr. Matt Horvath, Assistant Superintendent, Personnel Services
David Damico, Executive Director, Technology Services
Rebecca Starkins, Director of Public Relations
Tim Ellis, Director of Athletics & JPA
Scott Lovelace, Director of School Safety
Mark Mead, Beverly Hills High School Principal
Kevin Allen, Beverly Vista Middle School Principal
Sarah Kaber, Hawthorne Elementary Principal
Craig Bugbee, Horace Mann Elementary Principal