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Students Shatter Fundraising Goal at Beverly Vista Run for Success

This is the 3rd year for the event – the biggest fundraiser of the year for the school that involves kids.
It’s the kids themselves that generate the bulk of the donations, which go directly to BV.
“We love to see them be involved in this,” says Beverly Vista Principal Christian Fuhrer, “ This is their school! We love to empower them!”
“All the money will go toward programs, material, supplies – all the great things that make Beverly Vista an amazing school for learning,” said Fuhrer.
All grade levels took turns running laps around the school as part of the fundraiser, as the school band entertained the crowd and parents and kids enjoyed a whole assortment of activities!
“They’re running, there’s a hula-hoop contest, a jump rope contest, push-up’s, pull-up’s… there’s a yoga class going on, a dance class going on,” said BV Assistant Principal Alyssa Para, as she enjoyed the activities among the students.
The fundraising goal this year was $35,000, which was quickly surpassed thanks to some fun incentives for the kids.  When fundraising hit $25,000 last week, Fuhrer and Para dyed their hair green! When the amount surpassed $50,000 the day of the event, PE Coach Todd Radonsky shaved his head – with help from the students!
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