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Community Updates - Reconfiguration » Community Update - Mar 12, 2019

Community Update - Mar 12, 2019




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Dear BHUSD Families,


We’re pleased to share the next update from the Steering Committee on reconfiguration planning initiatives.


Reconfiguration Progress Report to the Board by Steering Committee

On Wednesday, March 6th our Steering Committee presented to the Board of Education, a comprehensive overview of the extensive work being completed as well as working draft documents to provide the community with a transparent view into the developmental stages of specific areas such as the bell schedule. When reviewing these documents please note where the phrase "Working Document" is used as these areas have not been finalized due to mitigating factors such as the traffic report. If you missed the presentation please see the replay of the live recording by KBEV linked here and slide presentation attached below and linked here


Positive Behavior Framework & Anti-Bullying Program 

Last week, Laura Chism, Assistant Superintendent for Student Services, announced a key part of Reconfiguration Safety, the District-Wide rollout of two important initiatives with the support of Beverly Hills Education Foundation. Firstly, PBIS - Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports which is a framework that shifts how students are disciplined by identifying behaviors as discreet skills that must be taught and retaught rather than punished. When a student does not know how to read, we teach them. However, when a student does not know how to behave, we often punish them or send them home. This framework supports the notion that we treat behavior as we would any other subject in school. In conjunction with PBIS, BHUSD will deploy the renowned Olweus Anti-Bullying program/curriculum. This prevention program is designed to improve peer relations and make schools safer, more positive places for students to learn and develop. To read more about these initiatives, please click on the letter attached below. 


Middle School Athletics - Over 300 Students!

Did you miss the Athletics Interest Form cut off date? We have extended it to Friday, March 15th due to overwhelming interest, more than 300 students have signed up! We encourage all levels of players, beginners, through advanced levels, to sign up to represent our new Middle School. Sign up here! Do you have any questions? Contact Tim Ellis, Director of Athletics -  


Technology Reaches New Heights

Student Equity is a paramount goal for the District throughout Reconfiguration and for our technology department, that means striving to ensure that each student has access to a similar instrumental experience. Just this week we have hit 3,034 students in BHUSD receiving the 1 to 1 technology rollout with all 9th graders receiving laptops. This prepares the way for future technological advancements to be easily implemented such as digitized textbooks. 


We are doing lots of talking, now it's your turn!

BHUSD understands the importance of the tradition Beverly Hills is steeped in. Our Elementary Principals are working collaboratively to ensure what matters most to you does not get lost in the move, figuratively and literally! They want to hear about what you love most about your school now, which traditions you would like to see carried forward into our next chapter and the elements you hold near and dear to your heart. We are thrilled to introduce a Listening Tour conducted by both Sarah Kaber (Hawthorne Principal) and Juliet Fine (Horace Mann Principal), a format used to hear rather than speak. Look out for the Listening Tour dates on our Tours & Talks Reconfiguration Page (linked here) which will be released shortly. 


Have you toured our schools? 

Current and prospective parents are invited to take a school tour, hear about upcoming events, reconfiguration and ask our incoming Principals questions in an informal environment by attending the following Coffees & Tours. To register and view additional information, please click here


Getting Back to the Books

At BHUSD we recognize the value of not only providing the venue for learning but the facilitators. Sometimes those facilitators are teachers, sometimes they are technological tools and sometimes they are dedicated specialists. During the Reconfiguration Report, Dustin Seemann, Assistant Superintendent for Educational Services, announced that the new Middle School will have a full-time Librarian. This is yet another significant educational advantage the Middle School will provide, along with the previously announced extensive elective offerings.    


Orientation Day

Student Orientation Day for all TK-8 students on April 25th is shaping up to be a sensational opportunity for students to connect, make friends, tour their new school in creative ways and receive their very own school spirit wear! Keep an eye out for more information shared by the end of March. 


Master Schedule 

In preparation for Reconfiguration to transition as smoothly as possible, we are addressing complex tasks with plenty of time to get it right. Our BHUSD staff are currently placing substantial resources and time into building out the Master Schedule with the new elective offerings which is due to be completed months ahead of schedule. In preceding years this is not something that would be initiated until the end of the school year. 



As we progress, answers and updates will be posted on the Q&A Section on the BHUSD website linked here.




Mamma Mia

The annual Beverly Hills High School Musical concluded this past weekend in a stunning performance of Mamma Mia directed by Kaz Chandler, vocally directed by Stacey Kikkawa, orchestrally directed by Bill Bradbury and choreographed by Chrissie Leong. Congratulations to the entire cast, band, tech and behind the scenes team.  


Every 15 Minutes

On Tuesday, February 26th, the BHHS juniors and seniors started their day with a reenactment of a fatal car crash. With authorities immediately on the scene, simulating the reality of the dangers of drunk driving, the emotionally gripping consequences were filmed by KBEV and produced into the following video. Please be advised that viewers may find the content of this video distressing. To watch the Every 15 Minutes demonstration please click here. We encourage you to have regular conversations about the dangers of drunk and distracted driving, especially before social events such as Prom. 



BHUSD Band & Orchestra

On February 28th, Beverly Vista hosted a performance by the BHUSD Band & Orchestra, a compilation of our most advanced Middle School students in our Instrumental Music program from all four K-8 sites. The students in Honor Band worked with guest conductor, Mr Mike Gangemi from Westlake High School and the students in Honor Orchestra worked with guest conductor, Jason Marshall from West Ranch High School. 


Attention instead of Detention

As featured on Spectrum News 1, Mr. Joshua Reitzenstein, special education teacher and Mindfulness Mentor at Horace Mann School oversees a program which teaches mindfulness, meditation and reflection as a first step response to help students improve their overall academic focus. Students can choose to attend or a teacher can recommend a student attend during lunch. This program will be adopted by Hawthorne as part of the Reconfiguration. To watch the news coverage of this transformative shift and the power of positive behavior intervention click here. This program dovetails seamlessly with the rollout of the aforementioned PBIS Framework. 


MSA Networking Night

On February 21st, the Medical Science Academy at BHHS held a wildly successful MSA Networking Night where MSA students engaged with various medical specialties. This was an idea created, organized and implemented by our BHHS Community Outreach leader, Nicole Feyzjou. The Medical Professionals included Ms. Lena Budhu, Dr. Sam Bakshian, Dr. Firoozeh Rahbar, Dr. Delila Foulad, Dr. Guita Rahbar. Dr. Taraneh Noorvash, Dr. Bruce Vafa, Dr. Jay Orringer, Dr. Kian Karimi and Dr. Adrian Bot.


Fun Fact! 

Have you seen it? Our new Middle School is already being advertised in local property listings in Beverly Hills. We are delighted to see the ripple effect we are having in the greater Beverly Hills community. 


Please note that due to Spring Break the next Reconfiguration Update will be released on April 2nd. We thank you for your support of Reconfiguration, it is truly transforming education in Beverly Hills and we wish you a safe and rejuvenating Spring Break.  #BH1



Dr. Michael Bregy

Superintendent of Schools