BVMS Resources for Home Learning

Guide to Google Classroom
Use this guide to familiarize yourself with your student's home learning interface
Beverly Hills Public Library
eMedia ​including eBooks, Audiobooks, and related Apps
Books for teens for any device
Databases curated page for research and media
Tutoring ​daily one-to-one assistance in every grade and subject
Los Angeles Public Library
eMedia ​including eBooks, Audiobooks, and related Apps
Movies and Video for any device
Databases curated page for research and media
Tutoring ​daily one-to-one assistance (in Spanish too!) in every grade and subject
Self-Directed Learning Tools
Albert offers secondary lessons in ELA, Math, Science, AP courses, as well as SAT and ACT prep
Amplify blends hands-on investigations, literacy-rich activities, and interactive digital tools to empower students to think, read, write, and argue like real scientists and engineers
Biozones resources for high school biology in the US
DBQ help students read smart, think straight, and write clearly with educational products and teacher development
Discovery Education educational resources and lessons for different grade levels
Flocabulary a library of songs, videos and activities for K-12 online learning
Go Math offers an engaging and interactive approach to learning math following Common Core math standards
Hippocampus multimedia content--videos, animations, and simulations--on general education subjects in MS and HS
IXL offers lessons in a variety of subjects from Pre-K thru grade 12
K-12 offers lessons and support, specializing in math, science, and social studies across all grade levels
Kahoot offers access to millions of ready-to-play games on any topic, in different languages, for children of all ages.
Khan Academy free online courses, lessons, practice, and recommended student schedules for Pre-K thru grade 12
LabXchange curated and user-created digital learning content delivered on an online platform that enables educational and research experiences
Listenwise bring real-world stories from public radio into the classroom
Math the latest research on mathematics learning into accessible and practical lessons
Newslea authentic content from the world's most trusted providers turned it into learning materials that are classroom-ready
No Red Ink covers a variety of topics, ranging from Grammar & Conventions staples such as punctuation and commonly confused words, to Writing essentials
PBS Learning Media FREE, standards-aligned videos, interactives, lesson plans, and more
Physical Education making Physical Education teaching simple, fun and engaging
Quizlet Learning flashcards and games to support learning in multiple subjects (scroll down page for topics)
Scholastic offers learn-at-home, special cross-curricular journeys, including four separate learning experiences, each built around a thrilling, meaningful story or video. 
StudySync a complete ELA curriculum designed to meet the rigorous academic needs of today's classroom
TED Sharing ideas through talks about every subject imaginable
YouTube Huge repository of educational videos and learning channels
Zearn unites hands-on Math instruction and immersive digital learning
Virtual Field Trips and Travel
Google Arts and Culture offers an incredible multimedia (pictures & 360 videos ) directory from around the globe, from street art to museum galleries