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Beverly Hills, Culver City and Santa Monica Malibu
Transition Manual by and for Parents

This Transition Handbook was written by three parents of students who have recently transitioned out of high school. Those parents are Joe Safier of Beverly Hills High School (, Lee Jones ( and Karen Paris both of Santa Monica High School. Additionally, the editing assistance of Clara Sturak was invaluable and the cover design was generously donated by Madeline Baum.

The high school years compel parents to confront difficult issues and deal with new challenges. The parents of special education students have the additional anxiety of needing to plan for their child’s future after high school and trying to navigate the difficult journey of helping their child find a meaningful place in society. Who better to offer a guide than parents and students who have already traveled the same journey?

We hope that the information in this handbook can be a useful guide of what to expect and how to best help the special education student as she or he moves into adulthood beyond the confines of high school. We welcome your comments and hope that in the future a new set of parents will pick up the mantle and write updated editions of this handbook.