Parents and Community Update

October 15, 2018

Dear BHUSD Families,

Our Friday peaceful gathering at Will Rogers Memorial Park was successful with a showing of 1,400 students, 200 parents/community members and 100 staff members. Our students had a real-world opportunity in civic participation allowing them to advocate for an issue that will personally impact their learning experience in BHUSD. Our students were engaged and showed respect for the activity of assembling peacefully while petitioning for change. None of this would have been possible without the unconditional support of our parents signing permission slips and trusting us to take care of your children. All students were returned safely to their classrooms before 1:00 pm last Friday.

Applause for our PTA leadership who supplied snacks and our parents who continue to attend METRO community meetings and continue to reach out to state legislators and national leaders.

I would also like to recognize our BHUSD staff. We had teachers/staff attend the gathering and also stay behind with students that did not attend. Both locations were equally important to our success! Our Maintenance and Operations department went above and beyond and did it with creativity and dedication. This event could not have taken place without you! Administrators were essential in assisting with the details to ensure every safety detail was followed. The BHUSD staff all came together to do whatever needed to be done, unified for the cause.

The Beverly Hills Police Department served as mentors to our students in planning meetings by sharing best practices and offering alternative suggestions to ensure this experience was collaborative and shared mutual interests between the community and school district.

A sincere thank you to all BHUSD students and especially senior students Sean Toobi & Ryan Abrishami who had the vision to plan such a memorable event while allowing the District to support you with the necessary safety practices needed for a successful event. Have a terrific week everyone.

Dr. Michael Bregy, Superintendent