School Safety

Welcome to the School Safety Department
“Safe schools are orderly and purposeful places where students and staff are free to learn and teach without the threat of physical violence or psychological harm. They are characterized by sensitivity and respect for all individuals, an environment of nonviolence, clear behavioral expectations, and disciplinary policies that are consistently and fairly administered. There is a sense of community on the school campus with support and recognition for positive behavior. Safe schools also are characterized by proactive security procedures, established emergency response plans, timely maintenance, cleanliness, and a nice appearance of the campus and classrooms.”    *Safe Schools – A Planning Guide for Action” by the California State Department of Education
Achieving the highest level of safety and excellence in our schools is our district's top priority.
The role of the Director of School Safety is to ensure that our facilities, policies and practices are completely addressing the needs of our students and community. 
Parent Overview of the Disaster Preparedness Plan:  See attachment below.