PTA Structure

Local, District, State & National

Unit -- Individual Schools

  • Operates as a self-governing body
  • Plans programs and activities to meet community needs
  • Works at the school site, at home and in the community for all children and youth
  • Represented on the council board by the unit president or other designated representatives
  • Required to observe policies of the State and National PTA

Beverly Hills PTA Council -- All Schools in the District

  • Includes all units within the City of Beverly Hills
  • Serves as a conference body
  • Provides workshops, leadership training and programs
  • Assists in the organization of new units
  • Provides counseling for local units
  • Coordinates programs and projects of member units
  • Represented on the Thirty-Third District Executive Board by Council President and/or other designated representatives

Thirty-Third District PTA

  • A geographical division of the California State PTA
  • Includes all PTA members in good standing with the District
  • Promotes work of State and National PTA
  • Responsible for the formation of new units and councils
  • Unifies and strengthens units and councils
  • Channels information between the State PTA and units and councils
  • Provides conferences, workshops, programs and leadership training
  • Provides publications
  • Represented on the State Board of Managers by the District President

California State PTA

  • A branch of the National PTA; serves as a liaison with National PTA
  • Includes all PTA members in good standing within the State PTA
  • Cooperates with other groups and organizations working for youth
  • Maintains legislative advocates; supports and works for legislation on statewide issues that affect the education, health and well-being of children and youth
  • Holds annual convention
  • Interprets and implements policies, programs and projects
  • Provides services, materials and publications
  • Represented on the National PTA Board by the State President
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National PTA

  • Includes all who join local PTAs Advocates nationally and internationally for children and youth
  • Develops and funds projects which are national in scope
  • Maintains legislative advocates at the federal level
  • Provides field services and leadership training
  • Provides publications
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