Distance Learning Links and Information

BHUSD is using two meeting platforms for Distance Learning - Zoom and Google Meet. In addition, Google Classroom is being used to: 1) help students keep their Google Drive documents and work organized 2) communicate to students about assignments and important information related to daily instruction 3) centralize learning resources and links teachers want students to use during and after class.
Zoom and Google Meet provide for real time (synchronous) learning. Students and teachers meet at a regularly scheduled time in a Zoom or Google Meet "classroom" where they can see, hear and interact with one another.
The information below is provided to help parents and students by providing links and basic information about distance learning in one place. If you are looking for something here and don't see it, please email [email protected] with your request or idea.
NOTE: If your child is under the age of 16, he/she does not need and should not have a personal Zoom account. Access to BHUSD Zoom meetings is provided through their BHUSD gmail address. If your child says he/she has a BHUSD Zoom account, they created a personal account with Zoom using their BHUSD gmail address. Zoom services are paid for by the District. You should not pay for a Zoom account for anything school or distance learning related. If your child asks for a credit card number or any other payment information and says they need it for Zoom or a school app, notify your child's principal. The District does not require parents to pay for any apps or online accounts as part of distance learning.
What Is Needed At Home for Zoom or Google Meet to Work Optimally?
  • High speed Internet through a reliable provider. In Beverly Hills the providers are Spectrum and ATT. If you have several people in one home (students and/or adults) in live meetings during the day, you may need to talk to your provider about upgrading your Internet service to a higher bandwidth. You may also need to ask your provider for information about a better router that can manage several devices in a home setting. BHUSD cannot assist with setting up or troubleshooting home equipment or Internet issues.
  • A BHUSD provided iPad (grades TK-2) or Laptop (grades 3-12). There are policies, web-filters and applications on these devices specific to your child's grade level teacher requirements. While you may elect to use a device you already own, BHUSD can only provide support devices we provide.
  •  Headset or earbuds. This will help your student concentrate plus reduce problems with echo during meetings. BHUSD does not provide these as students have varying preferences for the type of headset or earbuds they prefer to use.
  • Webcam. All BHUSD devices have built-in webcams. Students are expected to use their cameras as part of classroom engagement and accountability.
  • A quiet and comfortable workspace (as much as is possible)
  • Notebooks, pencils, and other supplies that students would use in a regular classroom
Optional Items You May Wish to Purchase For Your Student
  • A home printer. If you are going to use a home printer, it's best to connect via USB rather than network since installing network printers on district devices requires administrative access which we don't give to students for security purposes.
  • A graphics drawing tablet and pen for use in online meetings where writing or annotating is required.
  • A USB mouse.
  • A small whiteboard with dry erase pens
A Few More Tips For Online Meetings
  • frequent breaks, stretch breaks, short walks, and eye-rest activities
  • disconnect all non-essential devices from your home wifi during school hours
  • limit screen time after school hours (even watching TV or playing video games involves screen time)
  • shut down BHUSD computers each night - power them all the way off
  • clean the iPad or laptop screen daily with a soft, dry cloth or an approved screen cleaner
  • adequate lighting at student work area
BHUSD Google Mail mail.google.com (student email suffix is @bhusd.com)
BHUSD Google Classroom classroom.google.com (students use BHUSD gmail and password).
BHUSD Google Meet meet.google.com (students use BHUSD gmail and password)
Aeries Student/Parent Portal https://beverlyhillsusd.asp.aeries.net
BHUSD Zoom all teacher created Zoom meetings should have a ULR beginning with bhusd-org.zoom.us
BHUSD Clever Apps can be access via Clever https://clever.com - students select login as student and use BHUSD gmail and password