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Capacity & Growth

What is the total instructional capacity at BV, HM and Hawthorne?

Instructional capacity is: Beverly Vista - 1160, Horace Mann - 1102, Hawthorne - 928.


Will there be enough classrooms at Beverly Vista?  Yes. There are 50 instructional spaces (33 core classrooms and 17 elective areas).  32 instructional spaces are needed per period for scheduling and 18 spaces are open.


Will you put trailers on Hawthorne campus if kids don’t all fit into the building? Trailers will not be necessary.  We need 23 classrooms to schedule the 546 students in grades TK-5 with 5 classrooms dedicated to Special Education, there are 32 instructional classrooms and 4 are free (outside of elective classrooms).


Class Size

Will there be an increase in average class size at each grade level?  There will be no increase in class size. The district is committed to maintaining Board of Education class size guidelines (K-3: 23 and 4-8: 29).  In the new model, class sizes will become more balanced while generally remaining below and never exceeding current guidelines.

Opportunities / Benefits

(TK - 5)

What new learning opportunities will be at 2 TK-5 (HM & Haw)?  In addition to core curriculum, additional programming includes World Language and Science. There will be flexible learning spaces, increased ability to flexibly group students, teacher collaboration and accountability.

What new social opportunities will be at 2 TK-5? Broader group of TK-5 students will increase positive social opportunities. Separating Middle School kids from the TK-5 environment will allow for more focused resources on expert counseling and social development programs designed for TK-5 students.

(Middle School)

What new learning opportunities will be at a Consolidated Middle School at BV?

Additional academic course levels  (Accelerated, Honors, Regular and Special Education), Added Honors level for Science and Social Studies, added levels in French.  Flexible scheduling and grouping of students, new extracurricular programs to meet all student needs (STEM, Leadership, Creative Arts - Visual & Media, Performing Arts and Athletics). Click here for proposed robust educational offering.

What new social opportunities will be at a Consolidated Middle School at BV?

They will have opportunities to seek out new relationships and interests sooner than they would in our current configuration.  With a broader group of students they will have a better chance to find peer groups, explore new interests and opportunities to feel connected before high school.  The “teaming” experience is shown to provide students with better opportunities to grow as collaborators and teammates. There will also be a broader array of interest-based clubs for students to choose from because they will find more peers who share similar interests.


How will lunch time be organized?

There will be 3 lunch periods with each period split into a lunch/recess. Half of 6th grade will eat lunch while the other half will be on recess. Then they will switch. This will be the case for 6th, 7th, and 8th grades.


How many of these new class offering can a student take? Is it only one class?

Each student can select up to 2 elective courses per school year. This will allow them exposure to 6 possible options by 8th grade graduation.

How will the 150 students be assigned to pods? There is a process in place currently with teacher feedback to assist with grouping students and instructional grouping based off schedule needs that will meet their individual interests.



Why was BV chosen as the location for the Middle School and the other schools?

The footprint for Beverly Vista is better designed to serve as a Middle School for both short and long term. Beverly Vista is centrally located for the entire community to access from all zones.

Why didn’t the District recommend 3 TK-8 schools? Our goal is to keep school communities together and to deliver the best educational opportunities that meet the needs of all students in the district.  In a 3 TK-8 model, we would have to split up the El Rodeo Community across 3 different schools. We also couldn’t optimize resources to deliver the new robust educational offering that we can deliver in a consolidated middle school model.

Doesn’t it make sense to have ER considered as the long term middle school? Although El Rodeo has more square footage, but because of its location on Wilshire, Beverly Vista was determined to be a better choice because it’s more central to our entire district, and has 2 athletic play fields to accommodate PE and sports programs.



What is the timeline of the roll out?

Facilities will take El Rodeo off-line for construction for 2 years, beginning June 2019. Reconfiguration to (2) TK-5 schools at Hawthorne and Horace Mann and (1) 6-8 middle school at Beverly Vista in August 2019.  Click here for timeline.

Why can’t we delay?

Educational opportunities will be delivered sooner, millions in cost savings, safer for El Rodeo students and keeping communities together.

Board Vote

When will the Board vote on it?

The Board will be voting on Tuesday, October 30.



Costs / Savings


What are the reconfiguration costs?

Estimated budget of $2.6 million for reconfiguration costs.


Will the reconfiguration costs be funded by Measure BH?

BHUSD is not using Measure BH funds to pay for the proposed reconfiguration model.


What are the savings?

  • $16 million savings to expedite construction at El Rodeo
  • $2 million on teacher reduction



Infrastructure / Construction


What additional infrastructure is required for Beverly Vista? When will it be built? Will our kids have to live with construction on campus? How are they redoing kinder side to fit the Middle School? All details of the design and construction planning, including costs will be detailed during the implementation phase following vote approval.





Which faculty members / administrators will be released?  How are they being selected? There will be a reduction in workforce process working together with BHEA (Beverly Hills Education Association). Notification to staff beginning of January 2019. In a two (2) TK-5 and one (1) 6-8 model, there is a legal process to follow based on bumping rights, certification, and seniority. 41 staff members would be part of a lay-off. However to maintain a robust educational program, we will reinvest resources back into school sites, which would enable BHUSD to exercise 39-month recall rights to some staff affected by the layoff.


How can we pick the faculty to ensure the highest quality of instruction?

Staff can not be picked in regards to a layoff (bumping rights, certification, and seniority take precedent).  We do have some flexibility with management rights, as to where staff would be assigned after a reconfiguration model is selected.


What administrators are going where?

Administrators are not part of BHEA CTA.  Once a concrete reconfiguration place is selected, this will be discussed further.  First and foremost, we want to be sure our campus’ are staffed appropriately to serve their students and school communities effectively and efficiently.


Health & Safety

How is Hawthorne safe to receive more students when we were told that the school is hazardous?

It is safe because Seismic Risk Evaluations by MHO, Inc Structural Engineers and Saiful Bouquet Structural Engineers have concluded seismic retrofitting is required to meet code. The threshold for “Red Tagging” and closing the building by DSA is not met.     

Why are we focusing our efforts on moving El Rodeo students because of safety issues and not the Beverly Hills High School students?

At the High School there is more space between construction areas and classrooms. At El Rodeo there is considerably less square footage of construction. We are working on a plan now to remove students from the Bungalows at the High School.  At the High School we are maintaining safety for children and staff while construction is in progress. The difference between safety at the High School and at El Rodeo is the risk factor at El Rodeo. The recommendation to take the school offline for 2 years was due to the risk factors. The risk management plan is different at each school site.




What is the effect on drop off and pick up at BV?

There will be three access points to and from the building; better queuing of cars; traffic aides during peak pick-up and drop-off times.  We are also in discussion with BHPD to determine the best options.


Can families choose where they want to send their kids?  

Our goal is to keep school communities together.

What are the plans to assure a smooth transition for kids?

There will be 2 Transition committees: Middle School focused on implementation, and TK-5 focused on combining schools, considering school identity and culture. Subcommittees will be formed as well to address all areas:  logistics, Human Resources, Curriculum Development, Facilities, Finance, Students & Families, Community and Extracurricular.