California Teacher Induction Program (CTIP)

The goal of CTIP is to support and mentor participating beginning teachers during the induction period of their professional development. CTIP is a statewide program aimed at nurturing and guiding newly credentialed teachers through their first few years of teaching. CTIP assumes that no matter our experience and strengths, we all want to continue improving our teaching and student performance over time. Based on nearly two decades of research, the CTIP program is organized around experiences teachers work on to improve their own practice and student performance.

Each CTIP Support Provider supports beginning teachers through weekly professional growth conferencing, monthly professional development seminars, classroom observations, and individualized coaching. Through this integrated system of support and assessment, participating teachers are provided with an array of professional development opportunities to develop self-confidence and professional expertise.

By using information gathered through the formative self-assessment process, beginning teachers will identify areas of strength and areas of study or focus and are measured by the California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTP).