Beverly Hills High School Modernization Project: Buildings B1 and B2

  • Location: Center of BHHS campus
  • Start Date: April 2018
  • Duration: Approximately 30 months
  • Work to be completed: Full Structural Seismic Retrofit; Historical Renovation
    • BUILDING B1: Media Center; College and Career Centers; New Public Restrooms; Teacher Work Rooms; Staff Offices: Reading Center
    • BUILDING B2: 10 Classrooms with Flexible Partition Walls; New Public Restrooms; Conference and Work Rooms; Speech and Independent Study Areas; Principal and Staff Offices; Counseling Center; ASB Center
  • Safety Precautions: 
    • FENCING: 8 ft. Screened Construction Fence
  • Campus Impacts: Increased traffic flow on Moreno Drive due to construction entrances and deliveries