Finance Committee

The following people have been appointed by the Board of Education to represent the Finance Committee:
 Frank Chechel
Dan Fienberg
Eliot Finkel
Abner Goldstine
Joy Hayes
Beverly Hills Unified School District
Finance Committee Guidelines

Mission Statement
The mission of the Finance Committee is to enhance public confidence in the District’s ability to effectively handle its financial affairs by communicating the results of its work to the School Board, and by educating the public regarding the financial position and outlook for the District.
The Finance Committee of the Beverly Hills Unified School District is designed to act as an independent advisory committee to the Board of Education regarding the District’s financial interests and operations.
The Finance Committee reviews and makes recommendations to the Board regarding the existing and projected revenues and expenditures, and suggests measures to overcome potential budget constraints and improve the fiscal solvency of the District.  Such recommendations are made to ensure the District is maximizing its revenues, is using its resources optimally, and is able to sustain effective operations on a long-term basis.
The Finance Committee regularly identifies areas of the budget or of fiscal operations for in-depth analysis.  Such projects are undertaken for the purpose of updating policies or practices, and / or improving the efficiency or effectiveness of selected fiscal operations. 
Operations and Organization
1. The Finance Committee shall conduct its business in compliance with the Ralph M. Brown Act.

2. The Chair and Vice Chair of the Finance Committee shall be filled by Board of Education appointed committee members only and voted in by the committee following Roberts Rules of Order.

3. Members of the Finance Committee shall consist of the following:
a. Five (5) Members shall serve as Board appointees.
4. Seats vacated by committee members appointed by the Board shall be filled by the Board member who made the appointment.
a. If a seat is vacated and the Board Member  who made the appointment is no longer in
office, then a new Board Member shall  make the appointment. 
b. The determination of which Board Member is to make the appointment shall be by order of election of members who have not already made an appointment to the Committee, so that every Board Member may equitably make an appointment to the Committee during their term. 

5. Members shall serve on the Finance Committee for a (2) year period at which point the new Board may reappoint members.
a. Members shall serve no more than three (3) terms.
b. Chair and Vice Chair can serve up to two (2) consecutive twelve (12) month terms
6. Members shall have a background in Finance, Accounting and Money Management.
a.  The Board may appoint up to two ex-officio/non-voting members with TK-12 instructional backgrounds. 

7. Members shall have (1) vote on all matters brought to a vote before the Finance Committee.

8. The Finance Committee shall hold monthly meetings.
a. All meetings shall be open to the public.  However, the responsibility of making motions and voting will be limited to Committee Members.  Any member of the Committee may propose an item for the agenda at any regular meeting and may speak to any issue before the Committee in accordance with the Brown Act.
9. Roberts’  Rules of Order shall be the parliamentary authority for the  Finance Committee.

10. A Quorum shall consist of one-half the current number of regularly voting Committee members plus one.