Meeting Notes - 11/30/17

Team members reassembled in the same four, small groups as the previous meeting to review their ideas and information so far, and to further develop configuration options for the district.  The nature of the Team's meetings and work to this point is very collaborative and fluid, and remains in an exploratory phase. 
At this meeting, Superintendent Michael Bregy asked the teams to actually commit to paper more specific ideas and options. As the Team's work continues to become more focused and refined, Dr. Bregy, Cabinet members and BHUSD staff will complete the required cost analysis, program/master schedule analysis, staffing/student population/facilities analysis necessary, to determine the feasibility of the options and opportunities the Team is exploring when it comes to the configuration of the school district.
Please see actual photos of team worksheets for examples of the rough notes, ideas and data Team members are analyzing.
"NO decisions have been made. All of the options/opportunities/proposals are authentically being created and developed as part of an informal design process and have not yet been vetted through an instructional best practices review or cost reduction analysis at this time," said Superintendent Michael Bregy, "Four separate team-member working groups shared out to the larger group thoughts and ideas of over 8 different plans this evening. Iterations to these plans as well as new additional ideas are expected when we meet again next week."
At the conclusion of the meeting, the Team shot a video to help put a face to its membership for the greater community, and to explain why they applied and were selected to be part of this stage of the district's reconfiguration research.  The photo of the Team included in this post is from the video shoot. Please stay tuned to this space for the competed video in the very near future!
Up until this point, the Team's work has been comprised of research, data gathering/explanation and discussion of ideas and concepts.  As the work now moves forward and configuration opportunities are created, greater community engagement and involvement becomes part of the process.  Team members will be attending upcoming BHUSD Staff Meetings and PTA Meetings at all of the district's 5 schools to provide information, updates and answer questions.
FFST Team members will also be updating the Board of Education and greater community at its Tuesday, December 5th meeting at 5 pm.  The public is invited to attend all Board meetings, which are held at BHHS in the Jon Cherney Lecture Hall.  The meetings are also broadcast on Beverly Hills Digital Channel 6 on Spectrum cable, as well as live-streamed on the KBEV YouTube channel.
"After the holidays, in January, 2018, our District will host several community meetings to share information about proposed reconfiguration plans/options," said Bregy, "At each meeting - our Future Focused Schools Team members, district staff, and our construction manager will talk about various aspects of the proposals, followed by plenty of time for questions and answers. A survey is currently being created for community distribution and input."