Meeting Notes - 1/8/18

Notes from FFST member Ethan Smith:
The evening was spent preparing for the two Community Forums that will take place this Wednesday and Thursday evening at BHHS from 7:00-8:30PM. First, the whole group had a discussion about how we will actually make the presentation, then we split into four different sub-groups to look at a rough-draft power point presentation created by Dr. Bregy's Cabinet to give our input.
The four groups are:
Teaching and Learning
Each subgroup looked at the slides that pertained to them and came up with between 4 and 6 talking points that they will present at the beginning of each forum.
Once this bit of business was done, the group came together again as a whole to make some final decisions about how the Community Forums will be presented. Those who attend one of the evenings can expect that Dr. Bregy will make an initial short presentation and then each of the four groups will follow with between 4-6 slides and talking points. There will also be a slide describing the things the team has not yet decided on, namely "When?" and "Where?" The FFST cannot speak to those points, as much as we are encouraged to, because the answers to these questions have not been decided yet - and are also the Board's decisions to make. The purpose of each Community Forum is to gather input from the community. Once we have this we will be putting together our final presentation to make to the School Board on January 23rd.