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Dr. Michael Bregy


Nation-wide, families are attracted to Beverly Hills for the world-class offerings, including our exceptional School District, Police, and Fire Departments. Due to the strong cultural, artistic, and educational backgrounds, our parents and community expect an outstanding instructional program and are committed to excellence in education.

Just this year, Beverly Hills High School opened two state-of-the-art buildings housing modern, student-focused facilities including a Media Center, Career Center, College Center, NormanAid Wellness Center exclusively designed to support every student’s mental wellness, and fully integrated technology-centered classrooms ensuring the innovative delivery of robust academic instruction. BHUSD boasts 22 sports offerings, an award-winning visual arts program, a 3+ median AP Score in all subjects, and numerous National Merit Scholar Winners. Our dedicated Middle School offers over 44 electives allowing students to explore their interests in subjects including Robotics, Audio Media Production, Entrepreneurship, Foreign Languages, and more. 

BHUSD offers an acclaimed education for all learners. Gifted and Talented Education, Intellectual Intervention, Multilingual Learner Curriculum, Environmental Bridging, and Targeted Specialized Academic Instruction and Related Services through our Special Education programs. These supports range from Occupational Therapy, Student-Driven Support, Counseling, Skill Based Instruction, Specialized Attention, Speech, and Language. 

The Beverly Hills Unified School District consists of two TK-5 Elementary Schools, one 6-8 Middle School, one 9-12 High School, with a TK-12 enrollment of 3,200. To learn more about our educational offerings visit bhusd.org/pathways/

Throughout this section of our website, you will be able to explore our Enrollment Center. If you have a question please do not hesitate to email [email protected] 

Dr. Michael Bregy

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